Core Pickleballs

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CORE Pickleball — The Durable Balls That Everyone is Talking About 

CORE Pickleball

Neon Green Fast

Extra Durable

Authentic bounce

True flight

All weather tested

Quality Guarantee


26 g

Customer First

100% Customer Satisfaction

Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked

No Crack Design

Extra Durable

Engineered to keep their shape

Play Harder

Play Longer

GEORGIA PICKLEBALL has the lowest prices for CORE balls on the Internet


3 BALLS – $8.00 (2.66 each)

6 BALLS – $15.00 (2.50 each)

12 BALLS – $29.00 (2.33 each)

24 BALLS – $54.00 (2.25 each)

Prices do not include shipping charges by USPS.

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