There seems to be a demand for pickleball player ratings that are not directly related to tournament ratings. They would be based on skill sets directly based on USA Pickleball descriptions of required skills necessary to be rated at a certain level and International Professional Training Pickleball Association standards accepted internationally as the required skills necessary to be rated at a certain level. Most people would like to know what level of player they are without having to rely on playing in a sanctioned tournament or a self rating which in most cases is too high. The IPTPA system of rating players is based on an analytical system of doing drills that are universally recognized as the standard for pickleball play, and playing  3 games with a player who is rated at the level they are trying to achieve and receiving one of the standard ratings based on their evaluated skill set monitored by a CRS (Certified Rating Specialist).  League play, playing  in local tournaments, and new facilities with multiple courts needing player ratings are only a few of the reasons pickleball ratings are going to be more in demand in the near future. 

Stay Tuned, There Will Be More Information About Ratings Too. Follow Very Soon. 

Walter Putnam